Area 5,
  Mostly flat, with ditch rows , lots of cover
Area 3
Rolling hills with low growing sage brush
   Area 2....
,Smaller area but...
great for hold overs,
flat with lots of cover
  Area1 ...Tall grass, brush rows & seasonal creek
  Area 6
Large spacious area
with patched of brush
& 2 ponds
Area 4 .
Large area slight rolling terrain, sage & bitter brush.
This is also our Clay Shooting Area when leaving the hunt area please use the Quad trail on the East end of Area to stay out of the Clay Range

We have 100's of  acres ...
just for our members to train & hunt on ....
Here are Videos taken of some of the areas

Here are a couple of video's of birds being delivered

Sage, grass, trees
, 2 draws .
2 ponds
sage grass, trees draws
Sage, Grass, trees