Pheasant or Chicken bites wrapped with Bacon

- Pheasant or Chicken breast
-Bacon (recommend fletchers or maple bacon )
- Jalapeno  peppers seeded & cut in small pieces
- Cheese  ( pepper jack is good)

- Pheasant or Chicken breast cut into about 1 inch squares in a baking pan
-sprinkle with  salt and pepper

cut a small slit in middle of the breast squares insert a piece of jalapeno or piece of any type of hard cheese in the middle
-then  wrap a long enough strip of bacon around it,
this enhances the flavor of the pheasant but still not taking away the taste.

Place on  skewers  or in a a wire fish type basket
( the fish basket makes it easier to to turn on the grill.
Grill until the bacon is done.