Pheasant with Bacon


-thawed pheasant
-salt (recommend Coarse Kosher Salt)
(recommend fletchers or maple bacon that is long enough to wrap around the pheasant)
-white wine
(recommend a good white wine that you would enjoy to drink,
so that the pheasant turns out tasty. And also nice to have a glass while baking)
-rosemary (recommend fresh)

Preparation (an hour before baking so the favor has a time to mix together)
-thawed pheasant in a baking pan
-sprinkle salt and pepper over the pheasant
-then pour a cup of white wine over the pheasant
-sprinkle the rosemary over the pheasant
-then depending on the size of the pheasant you want to wrap 2 to 3 strips around it,
this enhances the flavor of the pheasant but still  not taking away the taste.
-then let chill for an hour

-pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
-put pheasant in uncovered for an hour and 20 minutes or put a meat
thermometer in and you want it to be around 160 to 170 degrees.